Tablet and powerpoint

Mike Eisenberg, Professor and Dean Emeritus at the Information School, University of Washington, gave a presentation in OCLC during the week. The topic was education and the emergence of the iSchool movement. There was good and engaged discussion afterwards.
I was struck by the mode of presentation. As we all do, Mike used PowerPoint. However, he annotated the slides as he went using a pen on his tablet. I thought this was very effective, and added a helpful dimension. Now that I have seen it, I am surprised that more people do not use this technique.
The presentation was in our Distinguished Seminar Series (and slides and audio will appear soon). These presentations are held in OCLC and we are pleased to be joined by colleagues from central Ohio which can give some nice variety in discussion.

3 thoughts on “Tablet and powerpoint”

  1. Lorcan,

    Do you know how the seminars are announced? I only seem to hear about them second-hand or after-the-fact. I’d gladly sign up for a mailing list or RSS feed somewhere…


  2. Hey, why didn’t I think of that!
    Oh wait — I know — because I don’t *have* a tablet.
    I’ve heard I can do something like this with a SmartBoard, which I’ll have access to for a training class in mid-November… but I won’t be using PowerPoint for that class. It’s going to be Olde Tyme Pedagogy (it’s good enough for me).

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