The Reader and the Law

Eddi Reader is a Scottish singer, formerly of Fairground Attraction. I was aware of Fairground Attraction but really only began listening to Eddi Reader a couple of years ago and she has become a favorite. [Worldcat Identity][Soundunwound]. She sings some wonderful songs, one of which I link to below. Her musical versions of Robbie Burns’ poems received wide attention a few years ago.
Derek Law is a Scottish librarian, who recently retired as Head of the Information Resources Directorate and University Librarian at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Derek played a central role in the emergence of the national framework for information services and R&D now provided by JISC. Derek was an important figure in my career in various roles over the years, from when I first moved to the UK to join what eventually became UKOLN. He is now Chair of the Board of JISC Advance.
Imagine my pleasure recently, then, when I came across the following video on YouTube. It shows Derek Law introducing Eddi Reader as she is conferred with an honorary PhD by the University of Strathclyde.

There is a second part also. I notice that Eddi Reader has honorary PhDs from Glasgow Galedonian University, Strathclyde and Stirling University [Wikipedia].
Here is one of my favorite Eddi Reader songs …

Coda: Eddi Reader performed this song for a TED audience accompanied by Thomas Dolby. She also sang another.

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  1. I’ll never forget her singing ‘Wild Mountainside’ at the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 2004, in front of the assembled Members of the Scottish Parliament, the Queen and the great and the good of Scottish society. See . As Scottish folk say, ‘it would bring a tear tae a glass ee.’

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