Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly presents a Web 2.0 ‘MemeMap’, the result of some brainstorming at a recent event. This places some familiar concepts (services, not packaged software; remixable data source and data transformations; data as the ‘Intel inside’) in useful frame.
My eye was drawn to ‘harnessing collective intelligence’, as it echoed a phrase that I have been using here of late. How, in the current environment do we better mobilize the collective capacity of libraries to deliver value.
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One thought on “Web 2.0”

  1. Lorcan,
    how would you see library vendors
    placing offerings in this concept map?
    I see offerings like the catalog, and vendor data bases as data sources / services in the top half of the meme map as actual reusable technologies.
    But how do we overcome the pervasive fear of loss of control of the user interface, and loss of branding?
    noologist.blogspot. com

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