Yet more RSS

Our colleagues in OCLC’s Marketing area have assembled links to the range of OCLC RSS feeds on a single page.
This is still a work in progress and more will appear. It is very nice to see.
I suppose that somebody will now suggest having a feed for this page itself, alerting people to new OCLC feeds 😉

2 thoughts on “Yet more RSS”

  1. You might consider an OPML feed as well … it makes importing into RSS readers much more easy. At EDUCAUSE, our goal is to provide one singular feed, but with our blog beta, we currently offer two.
    After our blog service moves out of beta, we hope to suport enclosures (podcasts, screencasts, etc.) in all of our feeds.
    ‘Till then, I hope the ability to syndicate this content spurs growing interest in (and easy access to) the topics of interest to our members.

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