Happy Customer Service Week: Wow Moments!


What’s the best customer service you’ve ever received?

At OCLC, the goal of our customer service team—and all of our staff—is to support libraries better than anyone in the world. One way we do this is by focusing on “Wow!” support moments. Not every support interaction is going to be a “Wow!” moment, but when you have one, you remember it for a long time. We know that many librarians wear the “Customer Service Representative” hat in addition to all the others they wear, and that it’s a challenging and rewarding role. So to celebrate Customer Service Week here at OCLC, we thought it would be fun to ask our own staff around the world for their “Wow!” moments on the receiving end of customer service.

pam-woodfield“On a recent holiday to Scotland with my Mother (who is now 87 and getting somewhat forgetful) we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast house. The experience was like being in a good friend’s home and they were very understanding when my Mother occasionally bobbed into their private sitting room when she got a bit lost. What was most memorable though was the fond farewell and genuine feelings shown towards my Mother as we departed on our way.”

Pam Woodfield, Senior Support Consultant, OCLC, Sheffield, UK

chelsea-daglord“I was purchasing a new car after my previous one was totaled in an accident. The sales consultant was very friendly and listened to my list of requirements prior to finding the perfect one at a nearby location. He also expedited the sales process because he knew we were using a rental car. He turned what is typically a stressful, challenging experience into a positive one with excellent customer service skills and a willingness to go the extra mile.”

Chelsea Dalgord, Senior Implementation Program Manager, Ohio, USA

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kovchegov“I experienced a knee injury while on vacation in the Riviera Maya. I tore my ACL, and the worst part was that I was flying back to Ohio the next day. The hotel had a paramedic on staff who stayed with me all evening long tending to my injury and showed up to my room the next morning at 7:00 am sharp to prep my knee for plane travel! This guy went above and beyond!”

Violita Kovchegov, M.S., Consultative Services & Support Analyst, Ohio, USA

Rachel-Buchanan“I was looking for a specific edition of a book at Half Price Books. Not only did the employee help me look around several sections, they also called three different stores in the area to look for this book—and they found it! I didn’t have to drive even ten minutes to the next store. They were super helpful.”

Rachel Buchanan, Senior Support Analyst, Ohio, USA

ray-haines“I recently set up Google Fi cell phones for my daughters and the sim card died on one of them within the first week. Google Fi support sent me a replacement sim card for free two days later in the mail. Their use of online chat along with phone calls for support was interesting and I got my problem fixed with a minimum of hassle.”

Raymond Haines, Consultative Services & Support Analyst, Ohio, USA

Reade-RogersRecently my wife was on her way to work and had a flat tire. She limped into the Firestone tire store and asked for some assistance and was concerned about being late to work. The manager of the store took control of the situation and told my wife she would get to work on time. He pulled a couple of his employees off of the work they were doing and fixed her flat. The employees did a great job of responding to a time-sensitive issue with a customer and did what it took to get the job done.

Reade Rogers, Regional Manager, Library Services, Ohio, USA

Christine_WillettWe had an issue with the wrong tariffs being calculated by a utility company. What started off as a bad customer experience quickly turned positive when I finally got through to a lady who understood my frustration and dealt with the issue in a calm way. She really seemed to care, rang me back when she said she would, kept me updated with progress and the problem was rectified quickly and efficiently.

Christine J. Willott, Implementation Consultant, Sheffield, UK


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